Being on a yoga mat may be just as refreshing and restorative as a holiday.  We look forward to sharing our yoga practice. Namaste.



A wholistic hatha class suitable for all yogi levels from beginners to advanced.  Each class is tailored to meet requirements of the yogis present in the room, ensuring safe physical practice.



A fully restorative immersion to encourage deep relaxation and mindbody release.  Suitable for yogis who may be injured, have a chronic health condition, or simply stressed from modern living.



According to the great yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar, yoga can lessen our physical, mental, moral and spiritual sufferings.  In yogic philosophy, impurities of mind and body can be addressed through the eightfold path of Yoga, including the regular practice of asana (physical postures).

Depending on how yoga poses are approached, a ‘gentle’ asana class may be just as challenging as a ‘power’ class.  Take some time out to be kind to yourself.  Yoga is a way of slowing down our minds and bodies, activating our own inherent power for healing, a practice for living in the moment, and being present in the here and now.

The Jiva Wellbeing wholistic approach to asana is to acknowledge and appreciate our bodies in all shapes and forms, at all levels of health and mobility, moving mindfully with intention and attention.